Climate Change And Trump

Climate change is everybody's concern and President Donald Trump's big decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord got a lot of people worried.  I'm sure you are, too, right?

So I compiled in this article the impact of such decision on different aspects and these are:

 Not let's go ahead and discuss each impact!

Climate Change and Trump


Latest News On Climate change

President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord has rekindled debate over the science behind the Climate Change agenda?

The decision signals a sea-change in U.S policy. It prompted accusations that Trump doesn't understand the environmental ramifications of his decision.

Economic Impact of Withdrawal From Paris Accord

Indeed President Trump's 45-minute speech focused on the positive economic impact of the withdrawal. Not so much on the science.

He cited a recent study by NERA Consulting that the Paris Accord would strip $3 trillion from the U.S. economy in the next 20 years or so. The blue-collar workforce is particularly hard hit. 6.5 million jobs are predicted to be gone in the industrial sector by 2040, with almost half of that (3.1 million) in manufacturing.

At the same time, major global polluters like China and India got a free pass. China, for example, was actually exempted until 2030 under the Paris Accord. Because of this Trump stressed that the withdrawal was final, but left open the door for re-negotiation on more reasonable terms.

At the time Obama entered the Agreement, most U.S. coal companies had already largely made the shift to clean coal, including scrubber facilities that extract useful by-products and leave virtually no waste. Obama's decision effectively rewarded their good behavior with a slap in the face, forcing a large percentage to shut down.

In July 2013, the President Obama told a town hall meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa that earth will boil over if more people get cars, big houses, air conditioning, etc. Critics seized on the moment to point out the hypocrisy of an American President flying in on a jumbo jet to harangue underprivileged Africans about any economic aspirations


Environmental Impact of Withdrawal From Paris Accord

Critics of the climate change argument also scoff at the notion that carbon dioxide emitted by clean coal plants has any negative impact on the environment. They point for example, to the failure of Al Gore's claims that the polar ice cap was supposed to have melted by no later than 2013.

Far from melting, NASA reports that the Antarctic ice mass is at an all-time high. There are even concerns that the southern sea lanes at the extreme tip of Chili will be cut off by the growing ice cap.Revelations like this add fuel to skeptics' suspicions that the climate change agenda is a thinly disguised power grab by international power brokers. They charge that it creates a carbon tax to fund world government and diverts attention and funds away from more effective, less expensive alternatives.

Be that as it may, Trump went on to say that CO2 emissions have dropped 12% since 2006. He pointed to an MIT study that concluded even if all participating nations met their commitments, average world temperature would drop by under .2 degrees Celsius during the 21st Century. Critics say Trump fails to appreciate the significance of such a drop.


Constitutional Impact of Withdrawal From Paris Accord

The U.S. has been the signatory to the pact since early in President Obama's 8-year term of office. Initially, Obama failed to persuade Congress to approve U.S participation. He was bailed out by a Supreme Court decision permitting administrative departments of the executive branch to make such decisions.

Constitutionalists have charged that such bureaucratic power is dangerous because it strips Congress of its lawmaking authority. So from that standpoint, Trump's decision is a victory for those favoring the Constitutional balance of power. The impact that it will have on the environment remains an open question.